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Our Mission

“To safeguard the public interest in New Brunswick Policing”


Civilian Oversight

The New Brunswick Police Commission, an independent oversight body, investigates and resolves citizens' complaints relating to the conduct of police officers.
It also looks into any other aspect of police services including the review of police force adequacy in New Brunswick.


Our Values

Professionalism:  Acting with integrity, providing quality service, being reliable and responsible.

Integrity:  Acting with honesty and honour without compromising the truth.

Accountability:  Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies. It applies to both individual accountability on the part of employees and accountability of the Commission as a whole.

Objectivity:  Being fair and balanced and not allowing individual biases, interpretations, feelings, and imaginings to influence decisions or processes.

Reliability: Consistent performance upon which one can depend or trust.

Transparency: Providing an organizational structure and culture that encourages open access to information, participation, and decision making, ultimately creating a higher level of trust among stakeholders.


Our Mandate

The New Brunswick Police Commission:

 Investigates and addresses complaints made by any individual regarding the conduct of a member of a municipal or regional police force;

Ensures consistency in disciplinary dispositions through maintenance of a repository of disciplinary and corrective measures taken in response to Police Act violations;

At the request of the Minister of Justice and Public Safety or through its own action, investigates and deals with matters relating to any aspect of policing in the Province;

Determines if municipal, regional, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police forces offer adequate services within the Province and whether each municipality and the Province are carrying out their responsibility for the maintenance of an acceptable level of police services.